Charlie Williams is a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, film editor, and screenwriter from London England. He began shooting and editing his own videos as a teenager in the late 1990s.

After graduating with a masters in Anthropology from The University of Edinburgh in 2006, Charlie developed his training in ethnographic filmmaking by directing and editing his first documentary feature about a unique town of guitar makers in Mexico. 'The Guitar Is Their Song' was broadcast by TV UNAM in Mexico and was distributed on DVD in the UK and internationally.

Charlie moved to New York in 2010, earning a 1 year diploma in Cinematography from the New York Film Academy - shooting on 35mm, 16mm, and newly released digital film cameras such as the Red One and Arri Alexa.


After working on numerous award winning short films and commercial projects, he was later hired as cinematographer for Manhattan based production company Cinomadic, specialising in high end film content for Fortune 500 companies.

In parallel, Charlie has worked extensively as a film editor, cutting a number of critically acclaimed narrative feature films including Bag Boy Lover Boy, Kids Rights, and Indiana (for which he also wrote the screenplay). Charlie is also the lead video editor for YouTube channel Pasta Grannies with 450,000 subscribers.


His latest documentary - 'A Thousand Cuts' - is an unflinchingly honest portrait of unknown New York actor, Theodore Bouloukos, in his daily struggle to maintain his integrity and keep his head above water financially in an industry that offers so much and gives so little.